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Woman Accuses the Detective Who Investigated her Shooting Case of Sexual Assault August 6, 2016

A woman who was not only a victim of domestic violence, but whose husband also tried to kill when he turned a firearm on her and shot five times, has filed a lawsuit naming the Horry County Police Department as the defendant. She claims that one of the department’s former detectives, Allen Large, not only make her participate in nude “catfighting” contests, but also sexually assaulted her.

52fa61f945329.imageThis represents the fourth such sexual assault lawsuit filed against the Horry County Police Department since December, and the second to name Large specifically as the attacker.

When questioned, Large denied all accusations of sexual assaults, but did admit to asking some of the female victims he encountered while on the job if they were interested in the catfighting contests, though his lawyer has advised him to say as little about the topic as possible.

According to the lawsuit, the victim initially contacted the department in 1996 when she wanted to report her husband for domestic violence. In 1998, the violence turned worse. Her husband shot her five different times, concentrating his shots on her hand and back, resulting in life threatening injuries as well as psychological damage.

In both instances, Large was the dective assigned to the case. It took about two years before the victim’s husband was finally arrested for assault and battery. Acording to the victim, Large repeatedly stopped at her house and made rude sexual comments as well as disparaging remarks about her figure.

When her husband was convicted, the victim left the state, only to return later when her grandmother required care. She remarried and again found herself married to a man with abusive tendancies.


In 2015, she contacted the Horry County Police Department after her second husband tried threatened to kill her and once again, the case was assigned to Large. She claims that the old pattered started again with Large randomly showing up on her house. Her lawsuit states that Large, “coerced the Plaintiff’s participation in nude, sexual-fetish ‘catfights,’” and even when so far as to take her out of state for one of the fights.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the, “plaintiff was coerced to participate in numerous sexual encounters against her will. At all times relevant, Detective Large utilized his Horry County issued police vehicle and visually displayed his Horry County Police Department badge and police issued firearm.”

RhodesAdditional defendants named in the lawsuit include: former police chief Saundra Rhodes, former deputy chief Scott Rutherford, former Capt. Dale Buchanan, Sgt. Thomas Delpercio and former Lt. William Squires. According to the victim, each of these individuals was aware of Large’s behavior and did nothing.

Although Large denies the sexual assault accusations, the Department did fire him after he was accused of sexual harassment during an investigation. At the time, Saundra Rhodes was the police chief and oversaw the investigation.

“Cases like this give me the chills,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of Myrtle Beach’s top personal injury firm Joe and Martin. “They’re also why I decided to pursue personal injury law. To help women like this one recover from the financial blow the mental and physical abuse left on her so she can start rebuilding her life.”

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Florida Nursing Home Faces Two Lawsuits Related to Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death

A Florida John Bales Attorneys nursing home, that is located in Northern Florida , has faced two different medical malpractice wrongful death cases.  These were related to deaths of two different residents in 2011.

medical-malpractice2The first case was related to a man that had entered the hospital in January of 2011.  He was being treated for kidney disease as well as an infection.  When he was discharged from the hospital he was placed in a nursing home in order to receive physical therapy.  He was found in his room one hour after being left alone.  He was unconscious on the floor and he had a head injury.  He then died in the hospital two days later because of brain swelling.

The family filed a medical malpractice case that said the nursing home staff did not have enough staff to care for the needs of the residents.  This caused them to be negligent and it caused this mans death.

The second case involves a woman that was transferred to the nursing home in 2011 after she was in the hospital.  While at the nursing home she was to be given morphine sulfate and Xanax.  She was to be given these three times a day or every eight hours.  However, she was given both every four hours during the day.  The case reported that she was given more morphine sulfate and Xanax than she was actually prescribed by doctors.

Detox-off-PercocetThe lawsuit has alleged that because she was overmedicated by both of these, she was sent to the hospital in order to be evaluated and treated.  This woman was then diagnosed with morphine overdose and this caused kidney failure.  It took two and a half weeks for her to die from acute renal failure.

It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from errors related to medications in nursing homes.  There are times when the wrong amount of medication is given or individuals receive the wrong medications.  But, when there are medication errors individuals can be harmed.  Residents that are sick and elderly could suffer from serious harm or even death.

rece_dlonie_fotolia_222401_4Many patients are not able to participate in their own care.  They may not be able to ask questions and this can be a real problem.  For example, if a patient always had a red pill but today it is blue they may not be able to ask about this change.  “When individuals are not able to stand up for themselves they need a professional that can help.” “Professionals that understand the law can help to ensure that justice is done and that others are not harmed.  I have dedicated my professional life to working for those that need assistance when they have been harmed because of others.”  Always speak with an John Bales attorney that specializes in these types of cases to get the assistance that you need when you need it the most.



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